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The Opus 2 Number 1 
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This is our VF faceplate showing a typical screen when the amp is running. It displays all the amplifier functions at a glance, including the internal temperature, system voltage, and plate dissipation of the tubes. A bar graph shows plate dissipation, while the dash on line 4 spins to provide you with a visual cue that all is well. There is an serial port at the back of the amplifier, so that you can use any laptop to precisely see what is going on inside of the Opus 2 at all times.

The Opus 2 allows user selection of the tube plate dissapation and of the output tube voltage (within the T-100 safe limits specified by KR-Audio)to allow for precise matching to cabling and speakers. The 60W class A Opus 2 also has an idle mode that reduces the plate dissipation of the tubes to increase tube longevity, reduce power consumption, and tube generated heat. The Renaissance Audio Electronics Opus 2 Number 1 has a proprietary microprocessor controlled gentle power up algorithm to avoid cathode stripping and enhance the almost 10000 hour tube life of the KR Audio T-100. This should assure a life time of trouble free listening pleasure.

The Renaissance Audio Electronics Opus 2 No 1 is built with the finest components and techniques unique to Renaissance Audio Electronics Inc., which give these amplifiers a uniquely perfect sonic timing and clarity not available in any other tube amps that we have found.

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