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This is our VF screen with a typical display.  On the screen, one cah view all the information about the amp , the internal temperature, the final voltage, and the power dissipation of the tubes.  There is an RS-232 port behind the amp, to analyze the operation of the amplifier and the tubes.

The Opus 2 allows user selection of the tube plate dissapation and of the output tube voltage (within the T-100 safe limits specified by KR-Audio) to allow for precise matching to cabling and speakers. The 60W class A Opus 2 also has an idle mode that reduces the plate dissipation of the tubes to increase tube longevity, reduce power consumption, and tube generated heat. The Renaissance Audio Electronics Opus 2 Number 1 has a proprietary microprocessor controlled gentle power up algorithm to avoid cathode stripping and enhance the almost 10000 hour tube life of the KR Audio T-100. This should assure a life time of trouble free listening pleasure.

The Renaissance Audio Electronics Opus 2 No 1 is built with the finest components and techniques unique to Renaissance Audio Electronics Inc., which give these amplifiers a uniquely perfect sonic timing and clarity not available in any other tube amps that we have found.

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